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The first issue of Econsilience has been published. Read to discover undergraduate research from Malaysia and the world, covering topics across economics, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Econsilience :

Malaysia’s first multidisciplinary undergraduate journal. It is a curation of original, independently-submitted academic articles from undergraduates in Malaysia and all across the globe. 

This journal covers topics across the social sciences, humanities, and applied/computational sciences – with the most emphasis being on economics. Submissions are peer-reviewed by local graduate students, academics, and research practitioners.

Consilience is the idea that evidence and theories from divergent fields can converge to generate the same conclusions. 

To hope for consilience is to hope for some kind of unity between separate strands of academic inquiry. It is to generate consensus from scientific specialisation in order to progress human understanding.

Econsilience is an independent endeavor from the Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduates. The journal is driven to creating and showcasing a research-driven and discourse-intensive community among Malaysian youth.

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Submissions for the 2022-2023 issue have now open. Submit your work at our Submission Page.

If you are a postgraduate degree-holder or research practitioner looking to join the peer review team, please read our Peer Review Guidelines.

Malaysia's First Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Journal

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