Peer Reviewers

Econsilience is seeking postgraduate students and scholars to serve as peer reviewers for our inaugural 2021 issue. Econsilience relies on postgraduate students and scholars to assess the merit of our submissions and prepare papers for publication. Peer reviewers will have a specific review form that will guide article evaluation. Ideal candidates for peer reviewers will:
  • Have the time, knowledge, and objectivity required to submit an unbiased evaluation of our submissions.
  • Be from any academic discipline, primarily in economics and adjacent fields.
  • Possess at least a master’s degree or be enrolled in a doctoral program.
  • Have interest in observing and developing youth academia in Malaysia.
To know more about the peer review process, please read our Peer Review Guidelines. To apply, please fill out this form. We also appreciate your recommendations of other qualified reviewers. For further enquires or comments, please contact the team.