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Aside from platforming student research, Econsilience is also keen on developing youth capacity for research.
In partnership with DataCamp Donates, we are offering opportunities to develop your research potential by enhancing your data literacy and programming skills. We are giving away up to 30 one-year premium DataCamp licenses, which you can freely use to develop skills in areas like statistical programming and data management.
The steps to getting a license are as follows:
  1. Submit your article or apply to become a peer reviewer.
  2. Wait for an email containing an application form for a free one-year premium DataCamp license.
  3. Fill out the application form.
  4. Wait one week to hear your results.
If successful, you will have the further opportunity to join your fellow applicants in a virtual community of learners. This means you will be able to network with other passionate Malaysian researchers while working together to develop your data skills.
Whether your contributions to Econsilience are accepted does not affect your application for the DataCamp license, and vice versa. Rather, all applications are evaluated based on financial need and interest. 
For further enquiries or comments, please contact the team.