About Econsilience

Econsilience aims to promote discourse and research at the intersection of economics, business, politics, and society by publishing a rigorous selection of student essays, opinions, and research papers.


  • Promote academic maturity among Malaysian undergraduates in economics and related fields through impactful research, discussion, connection, and networking.
  • Document and celebrate commendable scholarly achievements of students at the undergraduate level.
  • Foster working relationships between undergraduates, academics, and working professionals with economic training in economics-related professions.
  • Catalyze the production of Malaysian and ASEAN-specific economic knowledge among undergraduates.
  • Nurture emerging economists and other academics by equipping them with the capital needed to conduct research, peer-review, etc.
  • Develop and publish quality high-level research in economics and related fields for public reference.
  • Aid in the creation of economically-literate knowledge prosumers (consumers and producers).
The journal is currently manned entirely by a team of dedicated Malaysian undergraduates from the Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduates.