Editorial Board 2023-2024

The editorial team, which is a subcommittee of the Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduates, consists of passionate undergraduates from different universities.


Zaid Adlan

BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics, SOAS University of London, 2025.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Faiz Fuad

BSc Economics and Environmental Science, University of Toronto, 2026.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Gam

BSc Economics, University College London, 2025.

Submissions Editor

Kie Ven

BA Economics and Finance, Tsinghua University, 2026.

Submissions Editor

Adam Aqhar

BA Economics, Tsinghua University, 2027.

Submissions Editor

Lee Jun

BSc Economics, University of Warwick, 2025. 

Submissions Editor

Irsyad Adham

BA Economics and Finance, University of Manchester, 2025.

Peer Review Editor

Luqman Danial

BSc Economics, University of College London, 2025.

Peer Review Editor

Sonia Lee

BA Economics with Management, Durham University, 2025.

Peer Review Editor

Thamini Vijeyasingam

Economics and International Economics, University of Nottingham Malaysia, 2022.

Peer Review Editor

Jia Xin

Economics, HELP University, 2024.

Marketing Editor

Jasmine Surif

BSc Economics and Management, Kings College London, 2025.

Marketing Editor


BSc Economics, University College London,2026.

Marketing Editor

Christopher Ho

BSc Economics, University of Leeds, 2025.

Technical Editor

Amirul Haikal

BA(Hons) Economics and Data Analytics, University of Manchester, 2026.

Technical Editor


MSc Behavioural and Experimental Economics, University of East Anglia, 2024.

Technical Editor

Andrea Wong

Warwick International Foundation Programme in Economics, University of Warwick, 2027.